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Thank you USA!

It all began with a simple request for Godfrey to visit Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. News spread, and his one week visit to the USA quickly snowballed into a three month film and speaking tour, stopping at schools, paragliding clubs and communities across the land.

With a packed schedule of over 30 events in less than three months, we had just enough free time to experience this majestic country in the company of so many very lovely people. From coast to coast, that welcoming North American spirit energized our small team with the enthusiasm we needed to continue sharing our dream while inspiring others to discover theirs.  (Tour Hosts are now on our Thank You page :)

Thank you for making our fundraising efforts so fruitful. With over half the funds and materials need to build the School of Dreams in Malawi now raised, we are moving forward with confidence and will begin construction of the school this summer. Due to popular demand, Godfrey will return to USA next fall to continue his fundraising programs with schools and communities on the west coast and in the south. We will post more info on this soon.

To the good people of the United States: Thank you for allowing us to spread our wings so far and wide. Without each and everyone of you, this incredible project would not hold the magic that it does today.

Yours truly,

Godfrey, Ben & Erica

We are still accepting screening requests from all across Europe and will post our schedule shortly.

Bring us to your town!  If you are in, or have friends in the following countries, consider hosting a screenign or filling out our no-obligation screening form today.

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The team traveled in "Honey Bus" througout the three-month North American tour.

Friends in the United Kingdom:  We regret to say that, due to complicated visa processes, Godfrey will not be able to make it to the UK for the spring of 2014. We intend to do a seperate visit not far down the road. Please email Erica and let her know you are interested and she'll give you plenty of notice before we come.

"As an educator I am always looking for programs that help my students find inspiration and that help them to make connections to the world outside of our school walls. Inviting the Above and Beyond Documentary Society to our campus to view the film, The Boy Who Flies, is to date, the most rewarding and inspirational event we have brought to our students. The film is not only beautifully made, but more importantly, the message that was conveyed to our students was invaluable- to believe in themselves and not to give up even when faced with failure. The level of emotion in our assembly hall when Godfrey entered the room after the film was palpable, students shouted and cheered, there was a true connection made. I would recommend this assembly/event to any and all schools that are looking to inspire their students to find their path, work hard for their dreams and to have occasion for self reflection."
- Gabrielle Kaplan MA Ed.
Director, The Quarry Lane International School, Dublin, CA

"Hosting the gang from "The Boy Who Flies"(Godfrey, Ben & Erica) was amazing. The film and it's uplifting story was a special life moment for our family and our daughters school. We feel like we made life long friends and look forward to sharing their dreams with friends far and wide!"
-Trish Petty
Parent, Washington, D.C.
A Gem in the Cloud

June 2nd, 2014 - by Godfrey Masauli in Thondwe, Malawi

Last week, we set out to fly from the east lookout of the Zomba Plateau. It's a unique spot in the south of Malawi with a paved way to the top.

Upon arrival, the weather changed for the worse. The clouds and wind consumed us. For a white, we felt defeated and, just as we were about to leave, MacDonald, the man we met selling precious stones at the lookout asked us to stay longer.

"We have to go because we have run out of food" we reasoned while packing up our gear.

"Don't worry, I will feed you as long as you stay to fly" he pleaded with us.

Because of his hospitality, we ended up staying three more days. Every day, he walked six hours to and from his village to get food for us. MacDonald's support made us feel right at home.

On the third day, the sun came out for 15 minutes and Ben managed to fly down to Zomba town. Seeing him fly made him jump with excitement. He wanted to run all the way down to shake his hand.

The search for great Paragliding sites continues and I feel insecure about where we will find them. Regardless, it's heartwarming to discover the love and support people and communities are offering, as they resonate with our passion for free flight.


PS. For more images from our time on the Plateau, please visit our new page or find us on


Godfrey is uploading one image each day from this inspiring journey. To begin yours, view the gallery.

The chief's daughter patiently awaits the presidential election results.

Though voting occurred over a week ago, an impenetrable layer of bureaucracy and corruption has kept the results secret from the Malawian people.

Tension is high. Which man or woman will rise to steer this country towards an independence long overdue?


PS. Be sure to catch Godfrey's blog about voting. Click BLOG on the left.

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi

Last fall, we collected a bus full of paragliding equipment for the School of Dreams project in Malawi, and, until a few weeks ago, had no way of getting it there.

Today, we're so incredibly excited to announce that, through the help of our friends The Cloudbase Foundation, Africycle and Sean O'Connor, the gear magically found its way from Sean's attic to a container in Victoria, BC, setting sail for Malawi shortly.

Thank you Benjamin Voss, Sean O'Connor, John Robertson, Jennifer Kaatz, Chad Loreen, Matt Cone, Stephanie Terrien and the entire Cloudbase Foundation team. Together, you are making The School of Dreams come true!

B, G & E

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Portland, United States

My best Canadian friends, Ben and Erica have recently arrived in Malawi. They are here to help me explore all of what our land has to offer paragliders and also to help me find the best place to build my paragliding school, The School of Dreams.

We are in the Mount Mulanje area right now and internet access is difficult, but we will share with you friends as much as we can.

<3 G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi

The School of Dreams team has landed in Malawi after a beautiful afternoon flight from the Mulanje Massif you can see in the background.

Many of these youth are seeing paragliders for the first time and are so thrilled that they will follow you for an hour or two, all the way to the market, and back again.

B :)

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi