A Gem in the Cloud

June 2nd, 2014 - by Godfrey Masauli in Thondwe, Malawi

Last week, we set out to fly from the east lookout of the Zomba Plateau. It's a unique spot in the south of Malawi with a paved way to the top.

Upon arrival, the weather changed for the worse. The clouds and wind consumed us. For a white, we felt defeated and, just as we were about to leave, MacDonald, the man we met selling precious stones at the lookout asked us to stay longer.

"We have to go because we have run out of food" we reasoned while packing up our gear.

"Don't worry, I will feed you as long as you stay to fly" he pleaded with us.

Because of his hospitality, we ended up staying three more days. Every day, he walked six hours to and from his village to get food for us. MacDonald's support made us feel right at home.

On the third day, the sun came out for 15 minutes and Ben managed to fly down to Zomba town. Seeing him fly made him jump with excitement. He wanted to run all the way down to shake his hand.

The search for great Paragliding sites continues and I feel insecure about where we will find them. Regardless, it's heartwarming to discover the love and support people and communities are offering, as they resonate with our passion for free flight.


PS. For more images from our time on the Plateau, please visit our new page www.theschoolofdreams.org or find us on facebook.com/schoolofdreams/

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