Dear Pilots,

On June 16, 2011, Godfrey Masauli became Malawi's first paraglider pilot. Since taking to the skies, Godfrey Masauli has become an inspirational figure in his surrounding communities and Malawi at large.

Today, Godfrey's ambitions have evolved into shining a positive light on his country by establishing the School of Dreams; Malawi's first paragliding school and ultimately, its very own national paragliding team.

While 10% of the proceeds from "The Boy Who Flies" are being used to establish the Schools infrastructure, the tremendous cost of acquiring paragliding equipment is far beyond our reach.

Please donate your gear.
We are asking the global paragliding community to help bring this amazing sport to the people of Malawi, and asking you to contribute any piece of equipment you can spare.

In return, you will be acknowledged:
      on this website
      on the forthcoming School of Dreams website
      on a permanent plaque, at the School of Dreams physical location, in Malawi
      at the end of our forthcoming documentary feature about the School Of Dreams
      plus you will receive a photograph of your equipment in use, by a School Of Dreams student, in Malawi.
Please scroll down to see an list of equipment needed right now...
Above: Godfrey struggles to ground handle "The Purple Dragon", a glider from 1992 designed for someone much heavier.
Equipment Needed:
Novice Paragliders (DHV 1/1-2, EN A/B) (Size: XXS, XS, S, M - Naked Pilot Weight 45 - 70 kgs)
Extra Large Paraglider / Small Tandem (DHV 1/1-2, EN A/B) (Total Naked Pilot Weight 90 - 130 kgs)
Harness - Any type (XS, S, M)
Reserve Parachute - Any size
Helmets - All sizes
GPS units
Rucksacks & Stuffsacks
Boots and running shoes (Mens or Womens Sizes: US 7-10, EU 36-44, UK 6.5-9.5, France 42-45)
Please send equipment to:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who will train the Malawian Pilots?
When will the first students be trained?
Why is Godfrey flying old equipment?
Can you cover the cost of shipping my equipment?