Children expressing their joy after my landing.

No matter where I land, they always come to greet me and ask if I need any of their help. I'm always grateful for their support and generous spirits not to mention their welcoming smiles which melt my heart :). G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi

A Malawian family coming from a Maize mill where they had maize turned into maize flour. The maize flour will be used to cook nsima, our staple food that is nearly eaten everyday for both lunch and supper. Maize flour is also used to make porridge which is eaten for breakfast. As a fish cannot swim without water, so can a Malawian not function well without Maize. G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Kambenje Village, Malawi

Determination made these children dig out a field mouse out of an anthill, a place that requires perseverance because of its very hard clay.

For hours they they took turns, causing havoc in the hard ground, sometimes dancing as they hoed. I would see them throw the hoe in the air in a typical Malawian dance, catch it as it came down and proceeded with it down the ground, at the same time, twisting their bodies like snakes. I admired their will power :). G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Kambenje Village, Malawi

Village life is hard but magical. Even in grinding poverty, people remain happy and united. From a young age, we are taught to appreciate priceless natural things such as the air we breathe. I love village life :). G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Milare, Malawi