The School of Dreams

The School of Dreams will be Malawi's only paragliding school and amongst the first in the World to combine the fundamentals of personal development with the experience of free flight.

On June 26th, 2011, Godfrey Masauli took a leap of faith and became Malawi's first paraglider pilot. Since then, he has become an influential figure in his surrounding communities and Malawi at large.

Bringing his newfound inspiration to local classrooms and public venues, Godfrey's empowering presentations have grown to bigger venues, including National Universities and TED Talks. Godfrey's message is becoming a guide for living and a recipe for conquering fears and following dreams, no matter how challenging the idea may seem.

Seeing the positive effects of his efforts, Paraglider Pilots from around the world are taking Godfrey's inspiration one step further and helping to establish The School of Dreams, Malawi's first centre for paragliding and personal development.

How else can I help?
Aside from Sponsorship, you can help build the school in several different ways:
   1.   Host a Screening
   There is no charge to host a free screening of the film and we can help you easily transform the screening into a fundraiser, directly benefiting building the school in Malawi! Click here to find out more.
   2.   Donate materials to the school.
   Donors will receive acknowledgement for their generosity on this website as well as the forthcoming School of Dreams website. Click here to learn more and review a list of items required to get the school off the ground.

   3.   Start talking about it!
   Every time you tell someone about this project, you add value to the idea and increase Godfrey's chances of success. For some fun ideas on how you can share your new inspiration, please click here.