Community Screenings

Bring this magical journey and insightful film to your community by organizing a screening event, big or small.

Aside from film festivals, community screenings are the only way an independent film like The Boy Who Flies is able to reach the scale of audience it deserves. Best of all, these events provide a platform for critical thought and engaging discussion around the ideas and inspiration presented in the film.

You're awesome and we want to help you make this happen. So let's get started...

Useful Resources:
Complete the Screening Submission Form
Order a DVD or Download
Read over the Step by Step Guide To Hosting a Screening
Download high resolution photos and posters from our, press kit.
Design your own poster with these tools layed out just for you.

Payment Model & Donations:

If your event is free for patrons, there is no fee to screen the film. (Community screenings only. Festivals & organizations, see below)

If you are charging for tickets, requesting donations or using the event as a fundraiser we ask that you share your proceeds with us half and half. If this doesn't work for whatever reason, we're happy to talk about it.

What will we use your donations for?
50% Funding the ongoing distribution and outreach of this film.
50% Directly towards The School of Dreams, Malawi's first Paragliding School.

Festivals & Organizations:

The above guide lines are for community screening hosts. Festivals and organizations, please email us at We are happy to work with your standard arrangements.