Giving to the School of Dreams
We are asking those who have been touched by this film to consider donating materials to help the school become established and continue it's day to day operation. Until the school is built, it will continue as a mobile project, with Godfrey travelling to public and private schools across Malawi.

Paraglider Pliots; please
click here to find out about donating used equipment.

In return for your donation, you will be acknowledged:
      on this website
      on the forthcoming School of Dreams website
      on a permanent plaque, at the School of Dreams physical location, in Malawi
      at the end of our forthcoming documentary feature about the School Of Dreams
      plus you will receive a photograph of your donated items in use, by School Of Dreams students, in Malawi.
Equipment Needed:
Basic stationary
     Items such as notebooks, pens, pencils and erasers, pencil sharpeners, coloured pencils and chalk.
One simple bicycle
     This will allow Godfrey to get around to these presentations and various meetings.
More bicycles
     A set of bicycles would benefit Godfrey's paragliding students so that they may quickly and affordably travel to and from training and flying sites.
Camping equipment
     Items such as tents, sleeping bags and ground mats.
A megaphone
     This will facilitate large, outdoor presentations.
Digital projector
     Godfrey will begin screening "The Boy Who Flies" on a regular basis as well as bring it to remote villages.
(He has access to a laptop)
Digital cameras
     One or more will allow Godfrey and his students to share their great work and progress online.
Flashlights and headlamps
     Electric light is not common in many parts of Malawi. Reliable flashlights are coveted tool for any traveler.
Rechargeable batteries
     AA and AAA for flashlights, cameras and electronic paragliding equipment.
Please send materials to:
A Frequently Asked Question:
Can you cover the cost of shipping my equipment?